Nicolas Ray Nicolas RAY
Projet ALICE
ChargÚ de Recherche INRIA
Bureau: C037
Phone: (33) 3 83 59 20 93

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Research Statement

My research project is to improve the data structures used to represent geometric objects. This is motivated by the large number of algorithms having a complexity that is directly linked with the representation of the objects they manipulate. For instance, the complexity of a surface is evaluated in terms of number of triangles instead of the complexity of the object shapes. I believe that better object representations lead to more efficient algorithms that do not waste time and simplicity with non optimal data structures.

Cellular complexes are a good choice to represent geometric objects because they make it possible to handle any topology (such as surfaces handles) and to explicit discontinuities (1D hard edges / 0D cones shape) of any lower dimensions. However, most commonly used cellular complexes such as triangulated surfaces oversample the topology to counter a weak geometry representation (piecewise linear). My objective is that most of the cell corresponds to a "natural" feature of the object, given a "natural" multi-scale representation of the object.

Softwares and Applications to which i have contributed:

I have worked on Graphite, our plateform to test graphics algortithms. My main contributions were a system of collection attributes (used to dynamically bind attributes to cellular complexes) and a generation of Continuous Levels of Detail (used for multi-grid version of our algorithms).

I have also worked on Intersurf, the VMD plugin that exibits the interaction between groups of atoms by a surface.


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