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Loria & INRIA Nancy - Grand Est
615, rue du Jardin Botanique
54602 Villers-lès-Nancy

Office: Loria, Bâtiment B, B246

Telephone: +33 3 54 95 84 10
Fax: +33 3 83 27 83 19
Céline Simon:   +33 3 83 59 30 09

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I am a senior research scientist (Directeur de Recherche) at INRIA Nancy - Grand Est . I am Responsable Permanent for Projet Calligramme

Research Interests: My original training is in category theory, and my interests have forever been the foundations of computing. I have devoted several years to the study of the semantics of proofs, and especially the theory of proof nets, starting with linear logic, and including non-commutative and classical logic. Applications are to linguistic formalisms, and also to the semantics of concurrency. I am convinced more and more that the importance of the insights of linear logic come from its geometrical nature, and that the future progress in the field will only happen when more methods and ideas from geometry and topology are imported in computer science. This has led me in particular to write a little manifesto (in French).

Sites of Interest

I am site administrator of the two following ANR "programme blanc" joint research grants, where like-minded people can be found.

A comprehensive site on deep inference is here . This is a closely related workshop for which I was chairman.
And I was the organizer of PSSL86 .


Les 6-8 mars 2008 se tiendra à l'Université Paris 13 (Villetaneuse) une réunion conjointe des groupes de travail GDR GEOCAL,   LAC et IM. A cette occasion il y aura une session spéciale dédiée à la théorie des catégories en informatique, organisée par Dominique Duval et moi-même. Il n'est pas nécessaire d'être membre de ces GDR pour donner un exposé (nous avertir avant le premier février) ou participer (s'inscrire avant le 24 février). Pour plus de détails aller voir ici.

Workshop: Deep Inference, its Algebra, Geometry and Syntax

This workshop, part of the Infer joint research grant will be held at the Loria on June 18 2008. More details here.

Recent Papers

(with Philippe de Groote ): Classical Non-Associative Lambek Calculus.   Studia Logica, 71.1 (2)  
Postscript   gzipped Postscript

(with Rick Blute and Paul Ruet ): Entropic Hopf Algebras and Models of Non-Commutative Logic.  
Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 10
  Postscript   gzipped Postscript

On the Algebra of Structural Contexts:   Accepted for publication in Math. Struct. in Comp. Sci.  

Multiplicative Linear Logic and Fibrations:   CTCS 2002 in Elec. Notes in Theoret. Comp. Sci.  
Postscript   gzipped Postscript

(with Lutz Strassburger ): On Proof Nets for Multiplicative Linear Logic with Units:   CSL 2004   in
Springer Lect. Notes in Comp. Sci. 3210, pp. 145—159

(with Lutz Strassburger ): From Proof Nets to *-Autonomous Categories:  
Logical Methods in Computer Science, Vol. 2 (4:3)

(with Lutz Strassburger ): Naming Proofs in Classical Logic:   TLCA 2005   Pdf

(with Lutz Strassburger ): Constructing Free Boolean Categories:  
Expanded version of the LICS 2005 paper (not a "journal version" yet!)

Exploring the Gap betwen Linear and Classical Logic:  
Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 18