Master of computer science of university of Lorraine: Responsible for the speciality IPAC (Interaction, Perception, Learning and Knowledge)


One way to better understand brain activities is to be able to analyse a large amount of experimental data such as EEG, ECoG, LFP and Spike trains. More precisely, I develop new techniques to analyse at various scales and in real-time a large amount of noisy physiological data and propose new health solutions (brain-computer interfaces, neuroprosthesis, sleep scoring...).


We have an accepted paper at IEEE EMBS Neural Engineering 2015
Alpha rebound improves on-line detection of the end of motor imageries
Cecilia Lindig-Leon, Laurent Bougrain and Sébastien Rimbert

We are organizing a NETT Summer School 2015 on Medical science and applications (LORIA/Inria Nancy Grand Est) : July 2-3, 2015

I am co-organizing a BCI challenge. for IEEE EMBS Neural engineering Conference (NER) 2015. The deadline is February 28, 2015

I am co-presenting a talk about Brain, Consciousness and Anesthesia during the French week about the brain

I am a Program Committee (PC) member of IJCAI 2015 ( The deadline for paper submission is Feb 12, 2015.

I am co-organizing with an industrial partner g.tec involved in several European projects a workshop on brain-computer interfaces, October 18, 2013 in room C005. An introduction to the field will be presented in the morning and a practical session with various electroencephalographic systems is planned in the afternoon.
Registration is free but mandatory

A PhD position on EEG-based neuroprosthesis is available in the team (Application deadline : 31/06/2013)

An Engineer Position for OpenViBE (Application deadline : 27/09/2013)

I am the chairman of the organizing committee and of the program committee of CAp 2012 (French conference on Machine Learning).

I am the chairman of the organizing committee and of the program committee of NeuroComp 2011 (first French BCI school).

ANR project Keops: Algorithms for modeling the visual system: From natural vision to numerical applications

CNRS NeuroInformatique project 2010-2011: "cortical signals to control a two-finger robotic hand driven by artificial muscles"

Winner of a Brain-Computer Interface competition IV in 2008 on Decoding Finger Flexion from ECoG.

STIC-AmSud project, 2009-2010: Robust single-trial evoked potential detection for brain-computer interfaces using computational intelligence techniques

CNRS NeuroInformatique project 2009-2010: "sensory transduction to perception"

INRIA ADT LOIC 2009-2010: "OpenViBE, a software for Brain-Computer Interfaces and Real Time Neuroscience: interoperability and design of new scenarios"

PRST MISN action 2009-2010: "P300-based BCI for children with motor disabilities"